Computer ?

Computer :-(

Now you understand. Let’s go to computer anonymous.

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See if there’s one already where you live at the bottom of the page, or start one by forking the repository, making your changes, and submitting a pull request.

The Plan

This might be the group for you if you want to meet socially conscious nerds to talk about interesting things. This is not an entrepreneurial meetup, nor is it networking: It is a support group, a place to meet good people and talk about good and bad things.

Although education and outreach are both important to us, the primary goal is to create a social group for people in and around tech, from all backgrounds, where they feel comfortable and welcome.

There aren’t regularly organized talks, workshops, or otherwise. We don’t have tickets, we don’t have namebadges. We’re striving to be as disorganised and informal as possible. We will talk computer a lot but we’d also like to not talk computer too. At the end of the day we’re just wanting not to be alone when we find ourselves saying "computer".

Imposters Welcome

If you’re from a background which isn’t well-represented in most geeky meetups, come along – we want to make a difference.

If you’re from a background which is well-represented in most geeky meetups, come along – we want your help making a difference.

If you’re worried about not being computer enough, come.

If you think you’re an imposter, come.

If your day job isn’t code, come.

This isn’t a group of experts, just people.

We are interested in the social and technical problems.

This is a support group. No-one knows what they are doing.

The Rules

A code of conduct applies wherever we gather to talk computer. This is true both in person and online.

It might be a good idea to read about being a good ally or some specific resources for various issues if you’re worried about offending people.

The People

On IRC: ##computer. IRC is logged by members, who are asked not to publicise their logs.

@WhyComputer on twitter

If you want to attend, say hello to someone, and they will drag you along.

We are making plans on our GitHub repository, and if you have fixes or comments, open an issue!

The Groups

If you’d like to start a group nearer you, you can fork the GitHub repo and send us a pull request. We have some help and advice for those starting or running a group, which covers finding venues, handling problems, and people who can help with using GitHub.

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