Computer Anonymous - Edinburgh

Read the overview, if you haven't already.

Next Meeting

The Meetings

Our current approach is to meet up in the evenings once a month, somewhere reasonably central with food.

Meeting Agenda

Each meeting should decide where and when the next meeting should take place. Meetings should take place roughly a month after the last and it is desirable to vary the day of the week to allow greater accessibility. Here is a simple agenda for ensuring things keep going:
  1. When will the next meeting occur?
  2. Where should we have the next meeting?
  3. Who is responsible for booking the venue?
  4. Who is responsible for advertising the meetup?
  5. Who is responsible for updating the website?
  6. Any Other Computer Business
This should take less than a half hour to decide, and hopefully we'll eventually figure out what suits most folk best.

The people

Potentially Responsible Individuals

The following people have indicated a willingness to take some sort of responsibility. If you need to delegate a responsibility, or have any questions or concerns, you could do worse than asking one of these people. Feel free to add or remove yourself to/from the list.

People who you might see there

You can add your name by doing a fork and pull request on the github page, or by emailing computercomputercomputer at glastonbridge dot co dot uk. The latter method is somewhat unreliable and uses a high-latency meat interface, but it tries hard.

There is also an edinburgh-specific IRC channel on freenode called ##computer.ed (web IRC interface)

Keeping Up To Date

Computer Anonymous Edinburgh has a Twitter account: @whycomputered

We also have an announce mailing list.


Previous meeting experiences

The Southern was okay, but a bit noisy. I know some people struggled to hear conversations.

The Royal Dick was found to be a little awkward for people to get to.

Biblos has served us well for a few months, but it has been suggested that somewhere people feel less pressure to buy drinks might be a good idea.

The usual suspects for a techy meetup are:

But do we want to go back to the same old places? Perhaps there's somewhere nice down Leith, or in some other part of the town that would be more accessible to people who don't normally go to meet-ups?

Other venues:

Spoon, here.



The Royal Dick, here.



The Cumberland, here.



Previous Meetings

May 2014

Our second meeting at B+B Edinburgh saw the introduction of the formal informal discussion structure, whereby a number of pre-suggested topics were considered for structured discussion. In the end, we settled on bashing PHP for a bit. Cartharsis achieved, a disucssion on the nature of cloud services (defined as utility model pricing of online computing resources) and the popular conception there-of was led by John and all were enlightened.

April 2014

This was our first meeting at B+B Edinburgh and was pretty well attended. Everyone seemed pleased with the new venue, especially the view and the lack of noise. There was some discussion of a potential summer outing to somewhere near Edinburgh on the coast.

January / February / March 2014

These meetings were held at Biblos on 7th January, 10th February and 10th March respectively. 12 people attended in January (with comings and goings over the course of the evening) and 5 people were present in February.

December meeting

Meeting The Second.

The Royal Dick, 1 Summerhall Pl EH9, Tuesday 14th November, 7pm.

Due to organiser failure, we didn't meet on the 8th of November, but we will be meeting in November.

The best date selected was Thursday the 14th. I've asked The Royal Dick to reserve us some space, but if they can't accommodate us we can fall back to the Southern again.

I'd still like to explore non-traditional venues, but it seems like finding something suitable is nearly impossible. Am I wrong? Let me know!

The first meeting was really informal and chatty, which is cool, but there's one specific thing I want to bring up to discuss for next time: what do we do in December, where the 8th is on a weekend? Also, I need assistance as I'm not reliable enough to organise things by myself. I'll be asking for a volunteer to help keep Computer Anonymous Edinburgh going.

First Meeting!

Our first meeting was at The Southern on Tuesday the 8th of October, from 7pm.

19 people attended! It was great, and we had a big red button and some people ate burgers.

Were you there? I thought it was great, but maybe I'm wrong. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns at all, please contact me: @semanticist /

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