Computer Anonymous — London group

Read The overview if you haven't already, especially the code of conduct.

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No future events are currently planned. If you’d like to organise one, please do so! See Issue #350 for some suggested venues.

Previous event

Date/time/venue: Wednesday June 3rd 2015, at St George's Tavern, 14 Belgrave Road, London, SW1V 1QD, from 6pm.

Getting there and finding us: The closest station is Victoria. Once in the pub, look out for a "Computer Anonymous" sign.

Accessibility: Step-free to enter, to the bar, to the seating, and to the RADAR-locked accessible toilet.

Food and drink: Six real ales at £3.60–£4/pint. Lime and soda £1.20/pint. Main courses (including four vegetarian) £9–£12.25 (vegetarian main courses £9.50-£10.50).

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Once upon a time, there were four London Computer Anonymous groups, the most active of which was East London. West London also met on occasion, but rarely actually in the west. Central London met once, but sadly, North London still haven't.

One day, these groups may become active again, but for now, the group formerly known as West London, is holding irregular meet ups, under the guise of Computer Anonymous - London.

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