Computer Anonymous - Boston

Read the overview if you haven't already.

We meet on the last Wednesday of each month at 7pm, generally at pubs in the Cambridge-ish area.

If you're new: generally, there will be some anons hanging out in front of the venue until 7:10 or so, waiting for others to show up, so look for them and say hi! You can also try tweeting some of the folks listed under "the people"--@patcable makes it to most meetups.


Next Meeting

When: Wednesday, October 29th, 2014, at 7pm

Location: Cambridge Brewing Company, 1 Kendall Square, Bldg 100, Cambridge, MA 02139 [Google Maps]

Let's try and snag some outdoor seating if we can!

If you have trouble finding us, try tweeting @patcable.

Ideas for Future Meetings

(Meetup locations will be chosen from this list at semi-random, unless specific places are requested via pull request / tweets @WhyCompBos / etc, in which case we can totally go with popular requests :) )


The People

@WhyCompBos on Twitter

Talk to us if you want to attend or just turn up!

Internet high-five/shoutouts/etc. to @flowerhack for originally forking the whycomputer repo and getting the boston party started.

Ping us!

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