Computer Anonymous — Portland, ME

This might be the group for you if you want to meet socially conscious nerds to talk about interesting things. This is not an entrepreneurial meetup, nor is it networking: It is a support group, a place to meet good people and talk about good and bad things.

Although education and outreach are both important to us, the primary goal is to create a social group for people in and around tech, from all backgrounds, where they feel comfortable and welcome.

If you're interested in joining, why not join our slack community?

The Meetings

Our May meeting will be May 3, 7PM at Slab

Hope to see you there!


Talk to us if you want to attend, or just turn up!

Join our slack community!

We're on twitter at: @jsmecham @llimllib @neruson @n01s3 @chrisvermilion @sstatik

Feel free to email to join the email list, or if you have any private questions.

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